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Graduate record examination (GRE) is an admission requirement to a graduate school. Individuals wanting to pursue post graduate studies have to have high scores in this exam. GRE is a common measure used by schools to determine the qualifications of an applicant. The kind of vocabulary a person has would speak about the kind of education he/she had had. Vocabulary is often considered a measure of a person’s intelligence. This is especially true with GRE as the verbal section of this exam that relies on vocabulary and reading comprehension is considered to be the trickiest of the three sections of this graduate school admission requirement.

To get a good score in the verbal reasoning section, the exam taker has to have a good grasp of GRE words. Otherwise, the student will be stuck in the multiple choice section thinking and choosing the most apt word for the question. Precious time that should have been used in answering other questions will be lost. Lack of time is one of the common reasons for GRE failures. 

So what should a graduate schools candidate do? It is extremely necessary to hone the vocabulary skills but it does not mean that the student should memorize the dictionary.  There are different ways by which a student can beef up vocabulary skills. One trick is to do a lot of reading. The reader though has to ensure that along with the vocabulary build up, a high level of comprehension is attained as well.  Obviously, the materials that have to be read should be the ones that would have the GRE words that will be encountered in the exam. The student can also get a GRE words list. This wordlist is a compilation of basic words listed alphabetically.  From the word list that can be obtained online, the student has to make a commitment to learn a specified number of words each week. Rhymes are not just for children. Another strategy to build up vocabulary is to use a book of vocabulary rhymes. Repetition is an important consideration in vocabulary building. Repeat learned GRE words again and again but make sure that the meaning of the word is understood.

 GRE preparation includes doing a lot of GRE practice tests and answering a lot of GRE sample questions. Again, repetition plays an important role. The structure of these practice tests are practically the same as the actual GRE exam. The practice questions are not only similar…most of the questions were taken from previous GREs. The practice test, just like the real GRE is timed as well. This gives the student the chance to be familiar with the actual GRE. The practice test allows the student to keep track of the progress in improving the vocabulary. These practice tests is another way of learning GRE words. As mentioned, some of the sample questions were taken from retired GREs thus it is possible for the student to encounter new words.

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By taking the mock tests repeatedly and with the heartfelt determination to brush up on his vocabulary there is no reason why a student will not get high scores in this section of GRE which is considered to be the most challenging. Keeping in mind that you should come at your testing options from all angles and not juts focus on one avenue of study prep.



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